Fidget Spinner: 20+ Epic Tricks (A Fidget Spinner Tricks Boo…

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Looking for tons of cool Fidget Spinner tricks?

Well then, you’ve come to the right place! This book is packed with tons of fun fidget spinner tricks that will keep both kids and adults entertained for hours. With easy to follow step by step instructions you’ll be a fidget spinner pro in no time.

These days kids are always stuck on their tablets or smartphones, technology seems to drive families apart even when they are sitting in the same room. Why not go back to the good old days when simple toys provided hours of fun and entertainment for the entire family!

Some tricks included are: • The Hot Potato • The Football Trick • The UFO Spinner • The Ten-Finger Spin • Plus Many Many More

Grab your copy now!

Extra large 8×10 illustrations so kids won’t strain their eyes.

A great book to coincide with any fidget spinner, finger spinner, hand spinner or tri spinner

Price: $5.99

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